Finally! A way to add comments to Zillow.

1 Observatory Circle #1904
Washington D.C, USA
6bds | 7ba | 9,150 sqrft
Spiro A said...
They kicked me outta here...
Elanor M said...
I swear this place is haunted!
Nelson R said...
Threw some great parties here
Gerald F said...
Never stayed, but it looks nice
Charles H said...
I preferred the navy theme
John P said...
Checked this place out in the 70s
Learn more below 👇

What is CommentsForZillow?

CommentsForZillow is a chrome extension that adds comment sections to listings and rentals on We built this extension out of good fun as we've always wanted something silly like a comments section on zillow so we can make fun of ugly houses in a semi-public setting.

You can see a little preview of what our extension does below. Once you navigate to a building or house and log in with Twitter or Google, you can add comments to your hearts desire.

Do you sell my data/y'all make money?

No! In accordance to our terms of service and privacy policy, we don't sell your data nor does this application make any money. We probably will lose like 5$ a month on data and servers but this ok since it's just for fun. If there ends up being too many comments for our database to hold, we'll just start deleting the oldest comments that have the least traction (popular comments get to stay).

Will there be updates?

Yup! This project is a pretty cool and we'd love to add stuff to it. With enough usage we'll plan on adding likes/dislikes and sorting comments by popularity.

Can I be rude?

To people? No! To houses, yup! We don't care if you hate on ugly houses...that's the point, but we do flag content that is deemed hurtful or mean to other commentors or dox information about people who live in a specific place. See our terms of service for more info.